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Do You Have A Mold Problem?

Mold can cause problems for your household and health. Trust us to get rid of your mold quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, safely.
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Water Damage?

Our team of professionals will assess your damage, repair it, and fight off mold infestation to get your house back to normal. We want to help you as quickly as possible.
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Fresh Maintenance – Mold and Water Damage Removal

The Home of Chemical Free Mold Removal

NY – NJ – CT

Fresh Maintenance - Mold and Water Damage Removal
We work in Rockland, Westchester, & Orange County in New York and Bergen & Pasaic County in New Jersey. We can travel to other areas, just ask!
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Mold Removal

Fresh Maintenance - Mold and Water Damage Removal
Mold can grow on just about any substance—from wood to paper to carpeting—when excess moisture and oxygen are present.
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